Tokyo talks of military strike on North Korea

Japan ratcheted up the rhetoric against North Korea over its missile tests last week as a top government spokesman said Monday that Tokyo should consider whether its Constitution would allow pre-emptive military strikes. A U.S. envoy reiterated his call for the countries involved to take a unified stand in condemning the launchings.
Japan has reacted more strongly than other countries in the region to North Korea’s missile tests, fanning simmering rage here over Pyongyang’s past abductions of Japanese citizens and a test launch eight years ago that sent a missile sailing over Japan’s main island.
On Monday, Japanese officials made some of their most forceful comments yet when Shinzo Abe, the chief cabinet secretary and leading government spokesman, said Japan needed to consider whether the nation’s pacifist Constitution would allow pre-emptive attacks on North Korean missile sites as an act of self-defense.
Tokyo talks of military strike on North Korea – Asia – Pacific – International Herald Tribune