An Island to Oneself: Six Years on a Desert Island

This is very cool. A story about a guy spending 6 years on a deserted island. Apparently there’s a tourism company which will take you to this and other islands as well. Their website is at
Our ecotourism, filming, diving, and scientific expeditions operate in the Central Pacific’s key wilderness areas. Our Expeditions help protect and nurture these wild places. We run a quality business, ensuring that the Central Pacificâ..s most pristine islands are sustainably protected, while delivering a great wilderness experience for our clients.
Mad Professor
In the 1950s, a 50-year-old New Zealander named Tom Neale moved to a tiny island called Suwarrow (AKA Suvarov) in the Cook Islands. He was the only human inhabitant, and his story of survival is absolutely fascinating. I read Robinson Crusoe and was disappointed; An Island to Oneself is the real deal.
Neale eked subsistence out of a garden and by fishing, and carefully used his supplies of spices and tea (he used the leaves over and over again). He had zero contact with the outside world, and since Suwarrow wasn’t in a shipping lane, visitors were very rare.

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