Math is Bad, Because it isn’t Christian!

Every august, James Kennedy – a thoroughly repulsive ultra-fundy preacher from Coral Ridge Ministries – runs a conference called “Reclaiming America for Christ”. At this years conference, he featured a speech by Paul Jehle about “Evaluating your Philosophy of Education”.
Jehle is… umm… how do we say this politely?….
Ah, screw it. Jehle is a fucking frothing at the mouth nutjob lunatic asshole.
His basic argument – the argument that he expects people to take seriously – is that everything is either christian or non-christian. And if it’s non-christian, then christians shouldn’t look at it, listen to it, or study it. And you can’t ever make anything that started out non-christian christian.
Good Math, Bad Math : Math is Bad, Because it isn’t Christian!