The RIAA vs. John Doe

Excellent, a guide to filesharing lawsuits for the rest of us.
The RIAA vs. John Doe, a layperson’s guide to filesharing lawsuits – The Digital Music Weblog

Ray Beckerman of Recording Industry vs. The People put together an article that explains how the RIAA’s militant enforcement arm legal team find, obtain records on and sue ISP account holders who may or may not have ever been users of P2P applications. It’s a great reference, but (no offense intended to Ray) it’s dry like a bread-sandwich.
I decided to take a stab at rewriting it in something closer to English than lawyer. In hopes that it would be more accessible.
So, with thanks to Ray Beckerman, let’s take a look at The RIAA vs. John Doe, in what I hope serves as a layperson’s guide to filesharing lawsuits.