Blog of accused killer reveals dark character

The blog of the 25-year old accused of going on a violent rampage at a downtown Montreal college yesterday reveals him as a disturbed misanthropic loner, with an affinity for guns and violence. He also describes himself as an â..Angel of Death.â.
The Web page of Kimveer Gill, who was posting under the handle â..Fatality666′ on, was taken down Thursday morning after Mr. Gill was identified as the perpetrator of a shooting rampage at Dawson College on Wednesday. One woman was killed in the attacks and several others were wounded and taken to hospital.
Before the web page was taken down, however, it revealed him as a deeply disturbed young man.
The site contained 55 pictures of Mr. Gill, several of them with him holding knives and guns, wearing a black trench coat and combat boots. : Blog of accused killer reveals dark character