Talk of Impeachment and Rumors of War

Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzmen (D, NY) suggested ominously, Bush and his gang might decide to ignore orders from the Supreme Court. That, everyone agrees, would be the moment when tyranny would be upon us.
Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern announced at the session the electrifying news that secret orders had gone out for a Naval battle group to set sail immediately for the Persian Gulf, with a planned ETA off the coast of Iran of Oct. 21–less than three weeks before Election Day.
If Bush and his gang cannot get all their crimes retroactively approved by the current compliant Republican Congress, he and Cheney, fearing impeachment and war crimes prosecution, may have decided to go with a “Hail Mary” strategy–an aerial bombardment of Iran’s nuclear facilities just before Election Day designed to rally Americans once more around the already abased and abused Flag.
On Constitution Day: Talk of Impeachment and Rumors of War |

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