The Lonelygirl That Really Wasnâ..t

A nearly four-month-old Internet drama in which the cryptic video musings of a fresh-faced teenager became the obsession of millions of devotees â.. themselves divided over the very authenticity of the videos, or who was behind them or why â.. appears to be in its final act.
The woman who plays Lonelygirl15 on the video-sharing site has been identified as Jessica Rose, a 20-ish resident of New Zealand and Los Angeles and a graduate of the New York Film Academy. And the whole project appears to be the early serialized version of what eventually will become a movie.
Last month, a Lonelygirl15 fan discovered and posted a trademark application by Mr. Goodfried, which seemed to prove that the videos, which presented themselves as nothing but a video diary, were at least in part a commercial venture. Then, last week, three tech-savvy fans, working together, set up a sting on the e-mail being used by â..Breeâ.; the operation revealed to them the I.P. address of Creative Artists Agency.
The Lonelygirl That Really Wasnâ..t – New York Times

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