Remember remember …

Interesting story. Just before Halloween, we were at Gen-X video, looking for used movies. The employees were all done up in costumes. I picked up a copy of “V for Vendetta” for $10. It looked like a good deal, and I remembered it was a great film, despite Alan Moore’s retracted endorsement. I brought it up to the front counter, and a dude in a full Guy Fawkes outfit was standing behind the cash register. “How awkward,” I said, trying to sound like Jon Lovitz. He shrugged and we thought nothing more of it.
On Saturday, R and I were wondering what to do with ourselves, and decided to go see a movie at the theatre. Then we decided that we were to lazy to go out, and could just sit in with a video and drink. So, I grabbed the DVD for “V for Vendetta” and we sat back with some booze to watch the film.
Of course after it was over, we realized that it was almost midnight on November the 4th. We were watching the movie just around the same time it was taking place, on the eve of Guy Fawkes Day. “Remember remember the 5th of November.”
So we celebrated by having “Eggies in a Basket” for breakfast (not to be confused with toad in the hole). Mmmn.

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