Info on Saddamâ..s Execution

Interesting page with links about the execution of Saddam.
Cynical-C Blog – Saddamâ..s Execution
“Rather than an orderly execution, done with proper professionalism, it appears from the audio that the executioners were taunting Saddam Hussein with a chant of â..Muqtada, Muqtada, Muqtadaâ., and other wholly improper conduct, which seems to suggest that Saddam Hussein was handed over to the same Shiite militia elements responsible for kidnappings, murders, and other crimes against the Sunni civilian population of Iraq. Everyday 5 bodies or more that show the signs of torture and are handcuffed are found in river that runs through Baghdad by police patrols, most probably victims of the same Shiite militia group that carried out the execution of Saddam Hussein. Generally about 50 bodies a day, generally of Sunni citizens are found murdered, torured and handcuffed in the streets of Baghdad. These persons are denied a fair trial as well.”

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