The dangers of a 300 million year old rock

How does believing a 300 million year-old rock is only 6,000 years old become dangerous? It is a reflection of where and how we find answers. A 300 million year-old rock is the answer resulting from decades of observation, research, field study, laboratory testing, comparative studies and critical thinking. A 6,000 year old rock is the answer because God said so.
Letâ..s think about this: If, as many people are demanding today, we want our government to be based on Godâ..s authority, the first problem is to decide exactly which God we want to follow. There are many. God is a very ambiguous, schizophrenic deity. This is why, as Carl Sagan explained, â..When you ask, â..Do you believe in Godâ.., if I say yes or if I say no, you have learned absolutely nothing.â. So we have to be more specific. How do we get 300 million people to agree to a specific definition of Godâ..s identity and will? We canâ..t, of course. A democratic populace with the freedom to think for itself never will. Okay, forget individual freedoms. The answer is a theocratic dictatorship that can force the people to live according to its particular interpretation of Godâ..s will.
And thatâ..s how a 6,000 year old rock becomes dangerous.
300 million year old rock

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