FedEx refuses shipments of empty cans, sugar, water

I imagine he said because he couldn’t bring himself to say, “It’s the *words* that are *on* the containers that are dangerous”â..even after I had opened them all and demonstrated the utter harmlessness/emptiness of the containers themselves.
I sympathize with people who aren’t making very much and are probably forced to comply with arcane corporate rules and who have to deal with weirdoes coming in with cans labeled “Rocket Fuel.” I really do. But… c’mon. How much effort is involved in *not* being part of the common-sense-negating, spirit-crushing, Bush-era fear-slash-stupidity machine? The terrorists win again.
Hopefully, actual terrorists won’t learn to wrap their packages at home first. Long story short, I packed them up there at the FedEx counter, with their scissors and tape and some extra bubble wrap I bought, and then I walked down the street to the U.S. Post Office and mailed them from there, all sealed up. We’ll see how they fare. I hope they don’t have snark-sniffing dogs. FedEx refuses shipment of made-up stuff, empty cans