Guys who always get the girlâ.¦

Some obvious and silly “hints” at how to be attractive to women. I wonder where they found these “chick magnets?”
Guys who always get the girlâ.¦ – MSN Dating & Personals
â..Iâ found that women love getting compliments on their appearance. I always pick one aspect of how she looks and comment on why I think itâ..s fantastic. I try to be specific so she feels itâ..s genuine and not just an attempt to score points (even though thatâ..s sort of what it sometimes is!). Instead of saying something general like, â..You look niceâ.., I might say, â..I really like your earrings; that shade of blue matches your eyesâ.. or â..I love those boots; they make your legs look incredible.â.. Women are amazed that I pay that kind of attention and theyâ always appreciative.â.
â.. Thom, 33, actor, Manhattan Beach, CA