George Takei speaks out on anti-gay rhetoric

Man, you know it’s bad when George Takei calls you a douchebag. YouTube – George Takei Calls Out Anti-Gay Arkansas...

Fun with gay protest signs

A cute slideshow during the Prop 8 protests. My favourite: “Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine.” YouTube...

The Twilight movie was actually good

Man, what was I thinking? This movie rocks. YouTube – Twilight: For Guys!!

How to make people think you’re good looking

Luckily I’m funny, and don’t need these hints. Also, I don’t have hair …. YouTube – How to trick people...

Star Wars Corsets

Hey baby, I am the droids you’re looking for. Star Wars Corsets: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Greatest Pregnancy Announcement Ever

I’m still sad Chewbacca never got a medal for his help in all of this. YouTube – A Small Announcement...

Star Wars Pin-Up Posters

I can see her dark side… Unreality – A Gallery of Star Wars Pin-Up Propaganda |

What Would Penis Do?

Yes, what would penis do? YouTube – What Would Penis Do? – Tales Of Mere Existence

Cue Gay Anti-Gay Republican Hypocracy Controversy

I’m shocked! Shocked! Well, not that shocked. Early Wednesday morning, State Sen. Roy Ashburn (R-Calif.) was pulled over and arrested...

French Illustrators Pin-Ups

This one’s probably the most NSFW of the bunch. And it’s not very NSFW. Though it would get you jail...