New Book Coming June 7th

Hoo boy, here it is. Finally! Blog Me Deadly is now available for pre-order on several major platforms. I’m so...

13 Stories About Surviving a Nuclear War

You can tell a person’s age by how much the quiet threat of a nuclear war impacted their childhood. I...

Millennials vs. Gen-X

For those of you confused about the generational cohorts (and why shouldn’t you be confused about this arbitrary, ageist grouping...

New Site Update (with WordPress, no less)

Geez, you spend a little bit of effort upgrading the blog, switching architectures, updating images, importing some 18 years of...

How to make people think you’re good looking

Luckily I’m funny, and don’t need these hints. Also, I don’t have hair …. YouTube – How to trick people...

Missing teen sailor found safe

Just starting sailing season here, so this is some good news for the 16 year-old solo sailor. Her parents must...

Was he driving a Dodge?

Wait for it… – Reaction Time Test

The Hotline

The commissioner hasn’t called in a while.

The Premier Anti-Zombie Weapon

Some good arguments for the Ruger 10/22. YouTube – Ultimate Zombie Weapon – Ruger 10/22

Super Slo-mo Tattooing

Ow ow ow ow ow! YouTube – Tattooing