Scientology vs. Science Museum

This nonsense might be funny if it werenâ..t also so perniciously influential. The gala opening of the museum, just before Christmas, was a star-studded affair headlined by Anne Archer, Jenna Elfman, and much of the rest of Hollywoodâ..s Scientologist elite. The museum is a no-expense-spared, slick exercise in propaganda aimed at the widest possible audience. As the distinctly creepy recruitment slogan illuminated above the final video display had it: â..You are safe as long as we are here.â.
In our increasingly anti-rational age, the Scientologistsâ.. assault on psychiatry takes its place alongside the anti-Darwin movement, the anti-global warming movement, and, indeed, the Bush White Houseâ..s general disregard of established scientific fact. It needs to be denounced every bit as vigorously as the rest. My companion probably had it right when, as we left the museum, she paced up and down the street shouting: â..Iâ..m on Ritalin, and it changed my life!â. The passers-by on Sunset were soon howling with laughter, the best possible corrective.
Scientology vs. Science – Los Angeles CityBeat