Side-by-side comparison of similar-sounding songs

Huh. I always thought “Different Kind of Tension” by The Buzzcocks sounded just like “Bruise Violet” by Babes in Toyland.
Thomas | Similar-Sounding Songs
Ever notice a song whose melody sounds remarkably similar to some other song? Iâ compiled this list of songs that sound like other songs. In compiling this list, my goal is to present excerpts of the songs in question and leave any other determinations up to you, the listener. I make no claims that anyone here ripped off anyone else, because I (as a songwriter myself) have borrowed ideas and techniques from other artists many times. Those interested in the legal issues surrounding music copyright infringement and music plagiarism should visit Columbia Law School’s excellent site on the subject.
For some of these songs Iâ been able to find audio excerpts, others I havenâ..t yet found or gotten around to editing. I’m always looking for suggestions, as well (see the contact section at left). With each excerpt, I have attempted to present the part of the song that sounds like the other song, plus enough extra to present the song in the authorâ..s context.

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