Spider-Man 3 Official Movie Blog

The Spider-Man 3 blog is full of the kind of content youâ..d expect â.. links to trailers, feeds for fans to subscribe to, and behind-the-scenes videos that show off the making of the film. But innovation abounds all over Sonyâ..s efforts on the blog. Thereâ..s smart use of Movable Typeâ..s categories feature to highlight content that includes rich media. You can find extensive use of embedded video to include clips right within the blog. And the team has reached out to the entire blogosphere by providing beautifully designed templates for use on your blog, including Movable Type templates, exclusive designs for LiveJournal users, and the first independent designs weâ..ve seen any major film create for the Vox community.
Six Apart – Movable Type News – Web-Slinging: Spider-Man 3

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