Some rules about customer support

I’ve been keeping an RSS eye on “95% Of You Are Morons”, along with a bunch of other blogs in my feed page. This entry got me giggling, and I remembered the big days in customer support when we has a team of 20, and actually had a huge load of calls. These days, it’s not so busy, but we’re hoping it will pick up again when our Sales team gets momentum.
Here’s the entry: Don’t Be a Moron #1 – Calling Customer Service
This one’s probably the most important rule about customer support:
3. Don’t call me two minutes before I leave for the day.
Do you really think I want to stay late on Friday night to listen to you bitch? No. Make your call to customer service during the mid-morning about 10:00 AM in whatever time zone you are calling. That way, I’ve had my coffee, picked out the eye boogers and put my thinking cap on. I haven’t been yelled at all day, and I’m not thinking about going to lunch or going home. Trust me – call at 10 and your issue will receive maximum attention.