Bill O’Reilly gets pwnd by Daily Kos

Oooh, and the Falafel Boy is down.
Daily Kos: Bill O’Reilly Says He Will “Destroy” Daily Kos Today

First,, also owned by News Corp, just purged 29,000 convicted sex offenders from their site. That’s more rapists, pedophiles, and sexual predators on a single Rupert Murdoch site then total trolls we have ever banned from ours. And yet Bill O’Reilly says nothing — is it because, as a renowned pervert himself, he likes associating with rapists and pedophiles and sexual predators? Or is there another explanation? Bill O’Reilly’s own site contains language threatening violence against Democratic leaders and presidential candidates — and not only did he _not_ remove that language when it was pointed out, but pointing it out apparently was the far worse violation. And then he lied about it, yet again, on his own program. Is it because Bill O’Reilly is _comfortable_ with violent threats against Democrats? Perhaps he is, given his history.