drmike’s trip to London

A sort of variant on the vacation journal. This one is “How I spent my summer vaction in London because Steorn’s prototype didn’t work, and probably never will”.
Steorn Forum Representative Final Report

I am certain Steorn really believed I would see something that
resembled their claim. They spent a lot of money setting up this demo
and some 2000 pounds sending me over and putting me up. There are
much cheaper ways to pull a con.
If it was a hoax, the whole upstairs would not exist, nor would Sean
have taken the time to go through all the details of how he thinks it
all works. I can not describe any of those details without breaking
the NDA, so it puts me in a fairly strange position. The flaws in the
thought process are clear to me, but Steorn considers these details
propriatary information.
My conclusion after going through all this is that Steorn is neither
hoax nor scam. It is delusion. The reason it seems surreal is
because it is surreal – we are the real part of someone elses