What Evolution Left Behind On Humans

A list of vestigial organs and parts on humans. I would have included some peoples’ heads.
What Evolution Left Behind On Humans

* Extrinsic Ear Muscles
o These three muscles most likely made it possible for prehominids to move their ears independently of their heads (again, like a cat or dog). Again, we still have these muscles which is why most people can learn how to wiggle their ears.
* Toes
o Technically, humans donâ..t need any of our toes except our big toe (for balance). Our toes were used for grasping and climbing.
* Neck Rib
o This is a set of cervical ribs commonly thought to be left-overs from the age of reptiles. They still appear in less than 1% of humans. Unfortunately these can cause nerve and artery problems. Talk about bad luck.