What Kent Hovind believes in

I can accept all the Dr. Strangelove crap, but nobody disses Canola oil on my watch!
The Baliset Palimpsest: When you can’t convince unreason

Well, Kent maintains a blog, even from prison. And what a magnet it has become to people who share his views! When I read it, my palms itch. It’s a tragic circus of the absurd, the credulous and the angry.
Thus, I belatedly arrive at my purpose for this essay. I have trawled the gibbering insanity so you don’t have to. What do Creationists really believe? What do they believe when they apply the same degree of skepticism to other propositions as they do to their basis in their belief in the age of the Earth?
What I present below is a quick and non-exhaustive snapshot of who believers in Young Earth Creationism find themselves as fellow travellers with. It’s scary, and it’s sad.

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