First Luxury SUV

Cool post from English Russia on what they’re calling the first SUV. Normally, when I think of luxury SUVs, I think of the Infiniti FX:
But for older stuff, you probably think of the International Harvester’s Scout (first built in 1961):
Or more recently, the AMC Eagle, a 4×4 car/jeep/truck hybrid first built in 1979:
But I can see where these guys all have a similar look.
English Russia – First SUV Ever

Nowadays SUVâ..s are very popular all over the world, all major car makes started production of their own all-road luxury cars. The concept behind the SUV is to get comfort of the luxury car but have four wheel drive on big rims so that you can go off the road with the same feeling.
But it seems that in Soviet Russia they had already this ideal car – you can see here a luxury Soviet â..Pobedaâ. (â.Victoryâ.) car on the high wheels, and people say it is not a self-made thing but was in production in limited edition at the car factory, so it can be probably not only the first Russian SUV but first SUV ever.