Top 20 Movie Hitmen

Good list. I would have probably included one or all of the guys from The Big Hit. Also, I would have moved Nikita up a little bit on the list. I would have also probably included the Jackal from Day of the Jackal (no, not Bruce Willis — he’s in there enough times already).
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Who is she? Luc Besson likes his hitmen, but he also likes his hitwomen, too. Nikita is just your average drugged-up Nihilist bank robber, but when she commits murder, sheâ..s spared the chair and whisked away to a top secret facility where sheâ..s trained to become a special operative. With her old life all but erased, Nikita slowly and surely morphs into a deadly (and dead fit) assassin, who becomes as adept with the guns as she was with the needles. Besson oversaw a toothless US remake with Bridget Fonda in the title role, but his French femme is clearly a) ten times cooler than her US counterpart, and b) has a much sexier accent.