ISPCon 3

Must have picked up a bit of a cold on the flight down, and my throat’s still a bit scratchy. Also, I’ve got radio voice — that deep, sultry voice reserved for stars like Kathleen Turner, J.J. McKay, and that guy who does all the movie trailer voice-overs.
Last night there was a party in one of the presidential suites and a few geeks got to drink and eat and play Wii games. The presidential suites are pretty big, but they look like they were less designed for comfort or extravagance than as functional business rooms. There was a board room with table and whiteboard, a wet bar, and a big lounge area. The bathroom, while enormous (maybe 12′ x 12′) had all the same amenities as in a regular room — the same stock tub, toilet, and countertop with sink. There was a phone by the toilet, but that doesn’t impress me much. And the bed … there didn’t appear to be a bed in these rooms, but it turns out there’s a king-sized murphy bed folded up in the cabinets along one wall. At the very least, it was much more open than my room.

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