The 22 Most Awful Moments in Science Fiction

From the goons at Something Awful.
The 22 Most Awful Moments in Science Fiction
#14 Hercules gets a spaceship
When I heard Kevin Sorbo was going to be starring in a straight-to-syndication scifi series based on the dream journal of Gene Roddenberry I nearly blacked out from pleasure. Hercules meeting a posthumous Gene Roddenberry concept that couldn’t make it to the WB might seem too good to be true on the surface, but it turned out that Roddenberry’s Andromeda was precisely as good as it sounds!
Like Earth: Final Conflict, another of Roddenberry’s Tupac projects, Andromeda had a much darker atmosphere than the Utopian Star Trek. Take, for example, the muscular Nietzscheans who follow the ancient teachings of Nietzsche about wearing little vests to show off their pectorals. They live on their own planets and really hate the evil humanoid bats, just like Nietzsche always said.
If you liked Farscape, but you hated the Muppets and the characters and the story, then Andromeda is definitely worth buying on DVD. It’s also worthy of its 14th place spot on the list of Most Awful Moments in Science Fiction.