The “Impotence Pandemic”

A rather insane commentary by World Net Daily’s Judith Reisman on masturbation-induced impotence. I was going to put this under the “Sex” category, but it’s a little too kooky. And, no, the quote was by Karl Marx, and he said “religion is the the opiate of the masses.” If you’re going to quote-mine someone, at least cite your source, and get the quote right.
WorldNetDaily: The impotence pandemic

Pornographically Induced Impotence is now a national pandemic, raking in untold billions for pornographers and their satellite businesses as well as from the marital discord and despair it produces.
From the Playboy mansion to Capitol Hill, from the Las Vegas bordellos to newlywed bedrooms, from Fortune 500 offices to Ivy League dorms, men and boys are habituating to the rewards of their own hand, provided by Hefner et al.
Public policy analyst Shaunti Feldhahn was interviewed recently about her church lecture program that included her research on men’s “fixations on pornography.”
Someone once dubbed pornography “the opiate of the masses,” an endogenous drug high called “lust” that makes wholesome sensuality seem run-of-the-mill. Pornography triggers high states of fear-shame-lust arousal (“flight/fight/sex”), quite the opposite of love. Therefore, devoted couples often confess dismay at finding pornography more arousing than their marital embrace. Many wrongly assume their love is weak. Yet, the strength of love requires an absence of the shame, fear, even hate that is the basis of lust.

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