Another British “Free Energy” Scam

Why do people (especially the media) still give any credence to machines which violate the laws of thermodynamics?
Another British “Free Energy” Scam | Gadget Lab from

Just what could it be that violates the laws of physics so? The Steorn perpetual energy device? No. The Ecowatts, a magic heat exchanger we reported in September, which uses a “secret catalyst” to double energy. Go back to our original post to see just what we thought of the “science” behind the company’s claims, and read on to enjoy the Guardian’s Ben Goldacre doing what he does best: hilarious debunking.
The problem with the supposedly independent verification is that the meters provided to measure the current were sensitive only to DC. And although there is a diode in the circuit, effectively turning any AC into DC, Ben says in his blog, Bad Science:
Unfortunately, at high voltages the special, magic free energy cell went into â..oscillationâ.: that meant that the current was alternating at high frequencies that were beyond the threshold of the diode, so beyond its ability to control the electrons.