New copyright law starts Web storm

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The new copyright legislation, which was expected to arrive in Parliament this week, has been delayed — although it’s not clear whether the delay is a result of the criticisms and public outcry described below.
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The federal government is expected to release the latest version of a new copyright law this week, but it has already whipped up a storm of negative publicity on the Internet â.. a blogosphere and Facebook tsunami with Industry Minister Jim Prentice at the centre.
One of the architects of this storm is Dr. Michael Geist, a professor of law at the University of Ottawa and an expert in copyright and the Internet, who says he is afraid that the new law will copy the worst aspects of the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Among other things, Geist says, the legislation will likely “mirror the DMCA with strong anti-circumvention legislation – far beyond what is needed to comply with the WIPO Internet treaties,” and will likely contain no protection for “flexible fair dealing. No parody exception. No time shifting exception. No device shifting exception. No expanded backup provision. Nothing.”
Dr. Geist has posted a YouTube video that lists 30 ways in which people can protest the legislation, and has set up a Facebook group as a central rallying point for those opposed to the new legislation.