AIG: God is a murderer

While trying to refute the Pastafarians(?) on the concept of Intelligent Design, Answers in Genesis likens God to a murderer. Just another example of how crazy these guys are.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster – Answers in Genesis

Letâ..s analogize it this way: a detective and his attaché enter a crime scene, carefully examining the evidence before her eyes: a murder victim slumped on the floor, a heavy candlestick lying on the floor beside the victim, and perhaps some overturned decor that show signs of a struggle. The detective, examining the plain evidence before him, deduces the obvious: this man has been murdered! Now imagine the dialog that might ensue, with the detective a stand-in for the Intelligent Design Movement and his sidekick a stand-in for Pastafarians:
Detective: Just look at this madness, Datson: a hapless, prone victim; massive trauma to the head; a blunt implement discarded at the scene; a chaotic rearrangement of the roomâ..s apparelâ..itâ..s obvious that this man has been murdered. But by whom, and why?
Sidekick: How can you possibly determine that this man was murdered without knowing who his murderer actually was? Based on what you suppose from this crime scene, could it not have been a large Caesar salad that entered the room and murdered this man?

No really. While Intelligent Design might not know who the murderer/creator is (except, they do know), the Young Earth Creationists liken the bible to a confession letter. God is, indeed, the murderer.

Friend of victim: Sirs, I appreciate your analysis of this scene, but I believe you are both overlooking something rather important. I found this signed confession by the murderer, who has since fled, on the tableâ..a confession that describes why, how, and when the murder took place! The facts of the morbid scene before our feet fit the letter perfectly, confirming its authenticity.
In other words, young-earth creationists view the evidence in light of Godâ..s revelation to us.

Nicely done guys. And you have the nerve to say that the Pastafarians are mocking God.