True North, Strong and Free

The Long Dark is a fantastic game. There’s something so Canadian about ending up nearly dying in a cold, unforgiving...

Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival Map

Hey, this is kind of a great idea. I’m almost sorry I’m sharing with everyone. Put your location in, and...

The History of the Fallout Series

Quick, go watch this: OK, now watch part 2: Now, see what’s coming later this year: Yup, if this is...

Interesting Video Game Controversies

… that didn’t involve Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat. With the recent Supreme Court ruling that video games are...

Games are getting really good

Check out this trailer for L. A. Noire. All the footage is pulled from in-game action. YouTube – LA Noire...

Zero Punctuation – Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Abloogy Woogy Woo! The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation : Amnesia: The Dark Descent

BioShock Infinite looks good

And by good, I mean fucking awesome! Holy crap! Murder by crows…. YouTube – BioShock Infinite: Gameplay trailer

Zero Punctuation : Transformers: War for Cybertron

I’m sending him an angry email right now! (No I’m not) The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation :...

Bioshock Infinite looks cool

And a little vertigo-inducing. YouTube – PC Gamer – Bioshock Infinite announcement trailer

Lego meets Starcraft

I remember this game. Legos just make it more awesome.! YouTube – Lego Starcraft: Brick Rush