“Golden Compass” Saved Ending For Sequel

It’s good to hear that they actually filmed the last 3 chapters of the book, instead of just dropping it completely. I’ve just read the series, and it would have been a bad idea to leave such a cliffhanger in the first film. As a person who hadn’t read the books prior to watching the film, I liked the ending.
‘Golden Compass’ Makers Take A New Direction, Shelve Ending – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

“The Golden Compass” might be one of the only films ever to offer a sneak peek of its sequel in its trailer â.. although that certainly wasn’t the intention when it was made. What was supposed to be the end of the first installment of the “His Dark Materials” trilogy has become the beginning of the second, as filmmakers have lopped off scenes in “Compass” to provide more of a cliffhanger. The film series, already no stranger to controversy thanks to its handling of some religious themes, was subjected to a second round of uproar when fans first heard of the switch.
“What?!” 16-year-old “His Dark Materials” fan Zoe Maltby said when she heard of the last-minute changes to the December 7 flick. “What are they showing instead at the end?”
Those who’ve read the Philip Pullman books already know much of this, but for those who haven’t, a warning â.. spoilers are ahead. The last three chapters of the book involve Lyra (played in the film by Dakota Blue Richards), who seeks out her father, Lord Asriel (played by Daniel Craig) in the Arctic North as he’s about to conduct an experiment: to split a doorway between worlds in the Aurora Borealis. All along, Lyra had been trying to save her friend Roger, who had been kidnapped by her mother, Mrs. Coulter (played by Nicole Kidman), only to realize she’s just paved the way for his death â.. because Lord Asriel has been looking for a child whose soul he can sever and to use that energy to open up the door between worlds.