Let There be Retards: My Special Time at the Creation Museum

A seriously ballsy attempt to infiltrate the Creation Museum. Hilarious, and uncomfortable humour ensues.
The BEAST: America’s Best Fiend

â..You said the dinosaurs wouldnâ..t eat Adam and Eveâ.¦â.
â..Right,â. slipped in [Ken] Ham.
â..Whyyyyy?â. I pleaded. â..Why not? Why not?â.
â..In the garden,â. Ham said, looking over me into the filtering crowd, â..you know, the Bible tells us in the garden before sin, in fact in the world before sin, all animals were vegetarian and so was Adam and Eve, and even though they have sharp teethâ.¦â.
â..Why they have sharp teeth?â. I interjected in my slow droning falsetto.
A cameraman, most likely from a local news outlet, rushed to Buntingâ..s left to film the inspiring exchange.
â..Right. Thereâ..s a lot of animals that have sharp teeth, uh, that only eat plants,â. Ham ruminated, â..for instance most, most bears are primarily vegetarian, yet they have teeth like a lion or a tigerâ.¦â.

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