Top 10 Songs Protesting Bush & the War in Iraq

Neat list. I should see if I can get some samples of these tunes.
Protest Songs – Best Protest Songs Against the Iraq War and George W. Bush

I’ve seen a lot on blogs all over the Web recently where people have been complaining that there are so few musicians writing new protest songs these days, particularly given our current political climate. Of course there are plenty of new songs coming out that were written in protest to the war and the Bush administration, this list touches on just a few of the great new topical tunes out there.
1. “Homeland (I Want My Country Back)” – Greg Brown
This great song was something Greg Brown was pulling out at his shows, but wasn’t available on CD until 2005’s In the Hills of California. In Greg’s most earnest, easy way, the final verse of this song says, “Blind engineer, war train on the track. Many, many a heart is sore. We want our country back; we want to feel at home here once more.”

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