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There are some alternate DNS names you can use to access since they’ve been censored by an unconstitutional injunction in California.
The weird story is this: A Swiss bank, allegedly laundering money in the Cayman Islands is caught by a whistle blower, and the story posted on The bank files an injunction in California district court and it’s signed by the district judge without amendment and without Wikileaks counsel present. They are notified only hours in advance, and by email. The injunction goes after California registrar Dynadot, and requires them to pull all DNS records which redirect to’s website.
Though, this doesn’t pull the site, of course. Also, they have multiple sites around the world, to defeat censorship in places such as China — little did they think this kind of censorship of the press would happen in the U.S.:

In order to deal with Chinese censorship, Wikileaks has many backup sites such as (Belgium) and (Germany) which remain active. Wikileaks never expected to be using the alternative servers to deal with censorship attacks, from, of all places, the United States.

Their original site (sans DNS records) with the article on the injunction is still available here (
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Wikileaks:Cover Names – Wikileaks

Alternative names you may use to communicate with Wikileaks in order to avoid censorship or cursory surveillance.