Elfquest Online project

This is very cool. Elfquest is going online. All the original series and the spin-offs too.
What could be more cool than this: Fantasy/Sci-fi comics; elves; aliens; evolution; North American aboriginal spirituality; European fairytales; violence; shapeshifters; orgies. It was all very cool.
Well, there were also the bisexual/homoeroticl elements, the uncomfortable origins of furry culture, and the underlying pedophilia and bestiality. This series was all at once wholesome as well as subversive.
Digital EQ: Online Comics

Oh, for the good old days. Elfquest appeared on the stands one print issue at a time and you had no idea where the story was going to go until the next issue showed up.
Now, there already exist many dozens of issues, from the very beginnings to various spin-off titles to the most recent installments. How to present them here, online, in an order that makes sense? Seasoned readers want to catch up with what happened after the original tale. New readers want to start at the beginning. We finally decided to mix old with new. The Original Quest will be uploaded more quickly up front; the spin-off series will be spread out over the course of 2008.

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