Helena Guergis doesn’t care about you

She’s the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the one who couldn’t be bothered to visit Brenda Martin, a Canadian stuck in a Mexican jail for two years now. Couldn’t be bothered to visit her despite being in Mexico, and close-by.
Seriously, if you’re too lazy to go down there, just issue a travel advisory and sit back. You won’t have to lift a finger to get her out of the country.
It’s ‘buyer beware’ going to Mexico

In January, Ms. Guergis travelled to Mexico and met with that country’s attorney-general, foreign minister and other officials and asked for Ms. Martin’s legal proceedings to be expedited. Despite being 20 minutes from Ms. Martin’s prison cell, she did not visit her. “That’s not my job. There are 13 Canadians in Mexican jails and if I visit one, I have to visit them all,” she said in an interview last night. “It’s not my job to meet them — it’s my job to advocate for them.”
She said there is a very limited role for the government in this case. “We cannot go in and take her home and that is what her request has been…. I’m not going to pass judgment on a judge’s decision.”

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