10 Geeky Childhood Crushes You Should Never Admit

Anyone raised by TV knows that there are a few defining instances which helped usher us into puberty: the way Wonder Woman made us tingle a little bit while she was stopping Mount Vesuvius from erupting, etc. And it’s easy to admit to some childhood crushes (i.e. Tasha Yar was hot), even ironically (i.e. Doctor Pulaski was hot). But there are indeed some that you should never ever talk about, not even in jest (i.e. that rock-eating Horta was totally hot), otherwise people will never look at you the same again.
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Ah, Data, the android helmsman whose innocent curiosities about human nature endeared him to us all. Data was the resident kid on the Enterprise, in ways that Wesley and Riker never were, and that may be why we canâ..t comprehend some young Star Trek fan having an actual crush on Data. Weâ..re sure that some do (Star Trek was the birthplace of awful fan fiction, after all), but we really donâ..t need to hear about it.
Worf? Thatâ..s fine. Picard? Sure, go nuts. Geordi? Eh, maybe he got 10-year-old you to watch Reading Rainbow and dream of being an engineer. But Data? Heâ..s Pinocchio. No one thinks that way about a puppet.

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