Heston’s cold dead hands

I wonder if anyone ever got his gun away from him. Say what you will about him, good or bad, but I have about half a dozen of his films on DVD, and they’re great.
Charlton Heston, dead at 84, left political mark to rival cinematic legacy – International Herald Tribune

Nancy Reagan was heartbroken over Charlton Heston’s death. President Bush hailed him as a “strong advocate for liberty,” while John McCain called Heston a devotee for civil and constitutional rights.
Even Michael Moore, who mocked Heston in his gun-control documentary “Bowling for Columbine,” posted the actor’s picture on his Web site to mark his passing.

I had to add this in, simply because it showed how much of an influence he was on modern culture. I also have this film on DVD. Around 1:33 is where it is.

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