How to go into debt on $100,000 a year

It’s actually pretty easy. Here’s how…
When $100,000 makes you Go Broke: The Invisible Hand Forces Americans Into Debt. – Dr. Housing Bubble Blog

In fact, there is so much debt out there that many are now saying theyâ..ll use the money to pay off current debt or save; certainly not the intention of what the current government has in mind. They would love nothing more if you went and blew your stimulus check on a new laptop or stove and one month later, are back in the same spot.
This is the problem with deficit spending on many levels. At a certain point debt will crush an economy if it is not handled properly. We have done an abysmal job managing debt over the past few decades and now we are seeing the after effects of this. Today I want to put out a hypothetical budget for a family with 2 kids earning $100,000 a year and show you how easily it is to go into debt. This data is conservative and I will talk about a few of major line items later in the article. So now I present to you going broke on $100,000 a year.

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