Zink Imaging and Polaroid nostalgia

It’s still not as cool as the old SX-70 film. Remember that the old Polaroid film was permanent, fixed, and always an original print. That’s what made Polaroid pictures great for artists. These images, while fast (and that’s probably all people care about these days), will always be copies, and can be made from transient, modifiable digital images. There’s no such thing as an “original” anymore.
I’d like to see Zink Imaging make film that’s compatible with the SX-70 and all other Polaroid instant cameras, since no one’s making that kind of film anymore.
Instant Digital Prints (and Polaroid Nostalgia) – New York Times

Polaroid wants to conjure up those golden analog days of vast sales and instant gratification â.. this time with images captured by digital cameras and camera phones.
This fall, the company expects to market a hand-size printer that produces color snapshots in about 30 seconds.
Beam a photograph from a cellphone to the printer and, with a gentle purr, out comes the full-color print â.. completely formed and dry to the touch.
The printer, which connects wirelessly by Bluetooth to phones and by cable to cameras, will cost about $150. The images are 2 inches by 3 inches, the size of a credit card.

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