7 People Fired For Blogging

The trick to not getting fired because of what you write in your blog? Be so much of a nuisance in your day-to-day work life, that no one’s even looking at your blog.
mental_floss Blog – 7 People Fired For Blogging

Michael Tunison, Kissing Suzy Kolber
The Washington Post is one of those newspapers that prides itself on being a bastion of old-school journalism. And they do not take kindly to being disrespected. Just ask former employee Michael Tunison. He was fired from his position as an editorial aide this past April after his superiors discovered that he was blogging under the name Christmas Ape (an obscure Simpsons reference) at Kissing Suzy Kolber. KSK is a cheeky blog about the NFL where just about anything goes in terms of language and content. Tunisonâ..s posts, like many of the others on the site, were riddled with profanity. On April 14, 2008, he identified himself as an employee of the Post and later told industry insider mag Editor & Publisher that he believed that this work was â..safeâ. under the paperâ..s freelance policy. The Post disagreed . . .

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