Jim Prentice’s Wikipedia entry

Someone tracked the IP of the edits on a Wikipedia article back to Industry Canada. Losers. These are the guys who are in charge of Internet legistlation, and they can’t even anonymously edit Wikipedia properly.
Government buffing Prentice’s Wikipedia entry

The government has been editing Minister of Industry Jim Prentice’s Wikipedia entry, removing mentions of the recent copyright-reform controversy and hailing the minister as personifying “experience, confidence and competence, ability and capability.”
The edits, discovered by University of Ottawa internet law professor Michael Geist â.. a vocal opponent of Prentice’s pending copyright legislation â.. have been anonymously made over the past week with several attempts to remove criticisms of a bill the minister is expected to table before Parliament breaks for its summer session some time over the next few weeks.
The Wikipedia website allows anyone to edit an entry, which allows for incorrect information â.. or opinionated views â.. to be added. The site’s open architecture provides a way for incorrect information and opinions to slowly be filtered out as additional users add to or remove from entries.

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