Atheist sues Army

Oh sure, the Army’s official stance is that “proselytizing or advancing a religious conviction is not what the nation would have us do and it’s not what the military does”, but we all know better. When X-tian groups are allowed to film promos inside the Pentagon with the participation of several generals, it becomes obvious why an Atheist is going to have a hard time.
Atheist soldier sues Army for ‘unconstitutional’ discrimination –

He served two tours of duty in Iraq and has a near perfect record. But somewhere between the tours, something changed. Hall, now 23, said he no longer believes in God, fate, luck or anything supernatural.
Hall said he met some atheists who suggested he read the Bible again. After doing so, he said he had so many unanswered questions that he decided to become an atheist.
His sudden lack of faith, he said, cost him his military career and put his life at risk. Hall said his life was threatened by other troops and the military assigned a full-time bodyguard to protect him out of fear for his safety.

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