Space: 1999 – Last transmission

Interesting closure to the classic but cancelled series of my youth.
From Wikipedia:

Filmed August 29, 1999 “Message From Moonbase Alpha” was first shown at Space: 1999 Breakway Convention in Los Angeles, California on September 13, 1999 — the day the events in episode 1 of the series were supposed to take place. “Message From Moonbase Alpha” is on the “SPACE: 1999 Bonus Disk” which is available in the US, Canada. “Message From Moonbase Alpha” is also available on a DVD bonus disc in France and in Italy. It is also on the UFO Space:1999 documentaries DVD produced by Fanderson.
The seven minute clip features only Zienia Merton reprising her role as Sandra Benes delivering a final message to Earth as the only crew member left while a massive exodus to a habitable planet takes place with the rest of the crew. This basically gave the series the finality it never had in its initial run.

YouTube – Space 1999 : Last transmission

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