The 10 Villains Who Deserved Better

From Topless Robot. I like that they got this guy into the list. From Canadian animation company, Nelvana, back in their coke-party, throw-money-at-it heyday:

5) Mok Swagger, Rock & Rule
Rock & Rule would be a much worse film if its evil rock star wasnâ..t Mok Swagger, a delightful bastard embodying both faded â..70s opulence and music-industry corruption. As any glimpse of him might tell, heâ..s Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Iggy Pop in creepy, anthropomorphized cartoon villain form. But heâ..s mostly Jagger-ish, and a cease-and-desist from the Rolling Stones frontmanâ..s lawyers ensured that Mokâ..s last name is never said in the movie. That doesnâ..t stop him from being a potentially fascinating bad guy: a rock star so powerful, so utterly without morals, and so afraid of losing it all that heâ..s turned to making pacts with Hell for personal amusement. His songs are also provided by Lou Reed, whose Metal Machine Music made him the closest the real music industry ever came to a super-villain.

Topless Robot – The 10 Villains Who Deserved Better

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