A 300 Million Dollar Election About Nothing

A very Seinfeld-esque concept: hold an election about nothing, for no reason.
A 300 Million Dollar Election About Nothing, Held for No Reason | robhyndman.com

An election about nothing, held in a hurry to avoid the effect of a worsening war and a coming recession. Held in the hopes that it would earn Mr. Harper a majority just before the door to that possibility slammed shut for perhaps a very long time.
And what did it cost us? Apparently, 300 million dollars. An amount that, Iâ..m told, comes from an estimate of a million dollars per riding. That number is now leaking into the media, but strangely enough, not to object, but instead merely to describe. How tremulously Canadian. And it came from a Government that earned its stripes pretending that we donâ..t have millions of dollars to spend on needy projects.

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