Warren Ellis really angry at illustrator

Apparently his illustrator didn’t show up for work, and this issue of FreakAngels didn’t make it out on time. Ellis writes a mammoth one-sentence obituary.
FreakAngels – Obituary

Here lies the body of Paul Duffield, who must be dead by now because he emailed the office to tell them he was almost dead from some disgusting disease and couldnâ..t finish off this weekâ..s episode, and was in fact so sick that he couldnâ..t specify the illness, which leads me to speculate that heâ..s got Lyme disease in his knob from attempting to sexually assault bitey insects over the summer while yelling â..yeah, letâ..s see how You like it, you needle-nosed skin-raping bastard, you with your crap wings and your rubbish little buzz buzz buzz, whoâ..s laughing now you flying whore,â. but of course the insect is now laughing because Paul is dead from some galloping cryptozoological cockrot and the lesson is that you should always wear protection when trying to shag a cloud of mosquitos and also probably carry a letter from your doctor saying that you have a profound case of brain mange and cannot possibly be held responsible for your actions and also that youâ..re a comics artist and therefore really canâ..t be expected to know any better.

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