You are all on notice

I am not the only one upset with the voting fiasco last night. Not only did less than 60% of Canadians show up to vote, but a newbie CRAP candidate beat out our riding’s incumbent by a mere 73 votes (why they aren’t furiously demanding a recount, I don’t know).
Canadian Cynic: The Morning After The Blight Before

Here’s the deal Canadian politicians, you are all on notice. Fat Steve you and your gang do not have the confidence of Canadians. After two solid years of negative ads, belittling Dion, you could not win a majority. Why? Because we do not trust you with one. And let the sky bully save you if you think you can pull another snap election out of your ass. The record low turn out last night speaks to the general sense of contempt that our politicians have come to deserve in the last few years. Stephane Dion and the Liberals, you made Jason Cherniak cry. I hope you’re happy. Listen up you determined losers, Bob Rae and Iggy are not, I repeat, not the future. They are oblivion. The Liberal task is now to remake the party from the bottom up. If you sad sack dinks ever hope to return to power you have to figure out how to run a campaign and deliver a leader with a team that Canadians see as a viable alternative to the Cons. You are a pack of passive goofs. Stephen Harper is the fat kid who pushed you around at recess.

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