Repo Man sequel??

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In 1984, first-time director Alex Cox unleashed upon an unsuspecting public one of the weirdest, most brilliant indie movies ever made. If you think of the Eighties in terms of John Hughes and Cameron Crowe teen movies, Repo Man is like the crazy hot punk guy who crashed the prom, spiked the punch, and threw a grenade into the Teacherâ..s Lounge…in other words, itâ..s the coolest movie ever. And now thereâ..s going to be a sequel.
Well, technically itâ..s Sequel Number Two, if you count the graphic novel version, Waldoâ..s Hawaiian Holiday, written by Cox and illustrated by Chris Bones and Justin Randall, which came out in March 2008. Either way, I have no idea what to think about this. David Lynch is apparently producing, which could be a great sign. But how the hell do you make a sequel, twenty-five years later, to the trippy mishmash of William Burroughs references and the L.A. punk scene, film noir and Plates of Shrimp, aliens, beer, and pre-Mighty Ducks Emilio Estevez that made the original so…well, original?

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